Who is Agile Toolkit for?

For companies who want to put data at the heart of their decision making, whether that be with timelines, measuring team morale, or which new feature to build.


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Return on Investment

Use probabilistic forecasting to deliver on time more often

We run 10,000 simulations per run, so you can be confident in the results
60 day full refund
Unlimited time on free plan
No credit card needed

A retrospective tool that doesn't sell your data

We have 4 simple, easy to use retrospective templates that you can use with the Team today

Run team health checks anonymously,so you learn what the team really thinks

No longer does the loudest voice in the room (or video call) win. See what the team are really thinking when they are provided with a safe environment to give feedback

Plan, order and analyse user surveys

Our surveys are a flat fee of £7.50 per response, with no minimum responses. Currently only available for the UK and USA markets

Unlimited users on all plans

No more headaches caused by pay per user or complicated billing. Know exactly what you will pay every month, so budget planning is no longer a nightmare.



No matter your budget, you can use one of our simulations to support your delivery function.

Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Use our Quick Estimates simulation FREE for life
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Unlimited users
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“After working for Discovery+, F1 TV, Anglo American and Software Development Agencies, I built Agile Toolkit to make it easy to get, and act on, delivery data from Agile teams."
James Rooney
Founder of Agile Toolkit

We don't charge for onboarding

All our sessions are done by our founder, James.
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